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If you're considering working with a home designer for the first time, you might be surprised at how pleasant and exciting the home design process can be... especially if you decide to work with Joel, Allison, and the Studio 291 family.

Studio 291's home design process is simple and straightforward. The most important thing to know is that you'll have a talented, innovative, and accommodating residential designer by your side from start to finish. Have a question? Sit down and discuss it with Joel and Allison at the kitchen table over tea.

Studio 291's clients typically experience the following six steps during the home design process:

Step 1: Opening the conversation

The first step is the initial consultation, where you'll meet Joel Adrian, Studio 291's home designer, and discuss your goals for your new home. If you already have a property, he'll meet you to walk the lot or existing home with you.

Step 2: Exploring your vision for your home

Once you've selected Studio 291 as your residential design firm, you'll meet with Joel to discuss your new home in greater detail: bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, architectural style, trim details, and the flow that will best accommodate your family and lifestyle. Covering these items early in the process will ensure that your new home will not only be beautiful, it will also be functional and efficient.

If you have a survey of your property, it will help to bring it to this first meeting. If you don't have one, simply call ahead and Joel or Allison will recommend a surveyor or, if applicable, show you how to find your survey among your closing documents.

If desired, your budget for your new home will also be addressed at this meeting. A deposit is usually required to begin work, with the remaining design costs billed in three installments: at the conceptual review stage (step 3), preliminary review stage (step 5), and final design phase (step 6). These steps will likely coincide with your local Architectual Review Board reviews.

Step 3: Previewing your new home's layout

During this step, Joel will show you his proposed layout of your new home. This preliminary drawing, done in thick black ink, will mark out the different interior areas of your home.

Changes are very easy at this stage, so together you'll sit down and really talk about the flow of the home and functionality of the space, taking into account the needs of all family members and your lifestyle now and in the future. (Taking the time to carefully consider your home plan now will allow your new home to breathe, change, or grow with you over time.)

Any changes you request will be made by Joel. You'll see a revised drawing if so, repeating this process as many times as necessary to create a home that's a perfect fit for you. There is no extra charge for additional revisions and no limit to the number of meetings.

Step 4: Previewing your home's exterior layout

Once you've decided on the interior layout of your new home, you'll move to the exterior elements. During this step, Joel will show you a proposed overview of your lot showing how the home will sit on your property, the location and shape of the driveway, and how other exterior elements like patios will be placed.

Again, changes are very easy at this stage, so together you'll take the time needed to review the plans and make any changes.

Step 5: Delving deeper with floor plans

Studio 291 home floor plan exampleDuring this step, Joel will produce detailed floor plans (see a sample at left) that comply with architectural guidelines in your area. At this stage, you'll be able to see the location of each window and door, where the sinks and bathtubs will be placed, the finish details, and so on. You'll meet to review the floor plans together, and again you'll fine-tune the details to meet your vision for your new home.

At the end of this step, you'll also receive elevations (see a sample below) showing the exterior of your new home from all sides.

Step 6: Finalizing the plans for construction

Studio 291 home elevation exampleDuring this step, Joel will complete all construction drawings, including wall sections, trim and wainscoting details, roof plan and sections, electrical plans, and the like. He'll also bring in a structual engineer to supply the structural plans. This collection of documents will show every detail needed by a home builder to bid for the project and actually build your home.

If you've selected Studio 291's sister company, Island Family Builders (also headed by Joel), to build your home, you'll receive a bid from Joel once the plans and drawings are complete.

At the end of this step, you'll also receive a complimentary rendering of your new home done by a local artist, yours to display or preserve.

Construction of your new home

During the building of your new home, regardless of whether he or another custom home builder will handle the construction, Joel will be available to answer your questions and address questions from the home building crew. He'll visit the home during various stages of the construction process to ensure the home is being constructed as it was priced and planned, and he'll update you each time. (Joel's own experience as a home builder allows him not only to act as a safety valve during the construction process, but to design homes more efficiently throughout the Studio 291 design process in terms of costs and "bang for the buck.")

By your side throughout the entire process

Studio 291's clients can testify to Joel's calm, competent presence throughout the home design and building process, from your first handshake to the moment your new home stands ready to receive you.

Throughout the process, Joel will talk to your architectural review board as often as necessary to seek approval for your desired plans, using his day-to-day experience with community architectural review boards as a former chairman for the Wild Dunes Property Owner's Association Architectural Review Board.

Joel and Allison, Studio 291's interior design and space planning expert, will also offer you ideas during the home design process that you may not have thought of or describe what they've done (or seen done) for others, but they do not "force" any idea. Both view Studio 291's mission as accommodating your dreams and vision for your new home, using their expertise, experience, and resources to help your family.

"From the conceptual drawings of our home until the day we moved in, Joel was closely by our side with his expertise and guidance throughout the entire process."

~ Daniel and Danielle Ward, Daniel Island, SC (see other client reviews)

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beautifully designed living room

image description What we love most about our house is how it flows. Studio 291 incorporated all our wishes into a floor plan that works well for the whole family... a perfect blend of design and living. 

~ The Scotts, Daniel Island, SC

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